Professional Makeup Courses

Private courses or in groups of 2

Makeup training program for professionals offered in private sessions or in groups of 2 in the comfort of our Atelier.

Sessions & general info

Our Makeup Course Program is offered in 4 sessions :

  • 2 manadatory sessions
  • 2 optional sessions for refinement and in-depth techniques


Each session is composed of XX 2-hour courses and a final exam.

Each student is responsible to come accompanied with a different model for each course.


Upon completion of the 4 sessions, each students will receive :

  • a certificate as proof of course completion
  • A letter of recommendation from your teacher
  • Help to fin a job within the industry

100% student employment rate within the industry

Group Courses

Courses for groups of 2 students are only offered in sessions starting in November or April.



If a student wished to cancel a course, it will not be postponed.

Class cancellation must be done at least 1 week in advance.

Subscription & Rates

For more information about subscription and rates for our Professional Makeup Program, contact us