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Prices are per person.
Travel fee: free within a 15 km zone from our Atelier.
Extra: $0.54/km and $10/h for accompanying artists.
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per person


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Goodbye orange tan & say hello to a natural looking tan with olive undertones.

Spray tan is a liquid applied to the body that instantly changes the color of our skin. Some of you may have noticed the “orange” look that former Spray tan gave. The difference between this spray tan and others is that it is paraben-free. It contains almond oil and vitamin E in it, so it does not dry out the skin. The color has an olive undertone to it, so it looks amazing on any skin tone. The smell is very pleasant compared to other brands and self-tanning lotions, that is our biggest complement from all our customers. Also, the color is not comparable to anything we have tried on the market.

Nothing can compare to the results we have gotten. From the lightest person to the darkest, it looks good on everyone. The older technologies always smell really bad and the color is not ‘tinted’, so you can’t really see where the product is applied. You can enjoy your spray tan between 3 to 5 days, depending on your skin. We have tried it on people with age spots and the results are fantastic, it uniforms your skin color. Also, we have customers that have ‘Vitiligo’ and it also works very well on them too.

Top tips to maintain your Spray Tan

The day before your appointment:


  • Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells that would cause an uneven tan. The waxing should be done 2-3 days before the appointment, and the shaving one day before.


The day of your appointment:


  • Your skin should be clean and you shouldn’t be wearing any makeup.
  • Do not put on any body lotions, perfumes or deodorant before your session.
  • Although most women choose to be naked, you may wear a bikini or underwear.
  • Note that the DHA solution is washable and will not stain clothes


After your appointment


  • Immediately after a spray tan you can wear dark and loose clothes. You should not take a shower or bath or even exercise for eight hours. Excessive sweating can also interfere with the results. Thereafter, avoid long showers or long hot baths. This will shorten the duration of your tan.
  • Use your air conditioner in the car if the application is made on a hot day.
  • Apply a moisturizing lotion after the shower every day. This will prolong your tan.
  • Instant cosmetic bronzer begin to fade as expected, during the first shower. The duration of the tanning varies depending on the skin type, from 3 to 5 days.
  • Chlorine and salt in pools and Jacuzzis can reduce the duration of the tan.
  • Remember that a spray tan does not protect the skin from the sun, so … protect yourself!

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